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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Not sure what SEO is? All your questions answered below.

What is SEO? And how will help my business?

SEO is a strategy where, using a range of techniques, we are able to move your site above other sites on the natural, non-paid for lists across major search engines such as Google and Bing. This is especially beneficial for those companies who are struggling to compete for specific keywords and want to aim to improve traffic to their website.

I thought SEO was expensive?

Yes, it can be. Ultimately, time is money – and the more keywords you want to focus on drives the price up because it costs more money to do the work that’s required. That’s why we offer an entry level service focusing on a smaller amount of keywords – reducing the expense to make SEO affordable.

I’ve heard SEO takes time?

Yes. I’d rather be honest so that you know what you are getting yourself into BEFORE you start. You are realistically looking at between 3 – 6 months to see any dramatic improvement. However, the benefit of SEO is that, if you were to stop after that period the work done would still have an effect, unlike something like Adwords advertising or traditional newspaper marketing, where when you stop paying, your advert stops and isn’t seen again. Obviously, continuing to run your SEO campaign after the first 3 – 6 months should continue to improve your keyword positioning.

Unfortunately, with a traditional SEO company, people are charged a minimum of £200 to £250 a month and not told how long it takes. This scares customers off finding a long term strategy which benefits their business.

Can you guarantee positioning?

No – and I would strongly advise against any company who say they can. Positioning of your website is based on a wide range of factors, including site age, keyword density, who is linking to your site and their page rank, your competition, what they are doing etc. Improvements are organic and don’t happen overnight, all of the strategies we use are classed as “white-hat” which means that they are fair and acceptable means of website rank improvement. If someone offers you guarantees in a short period, they are using “black-hat” techniques which can, ultimately, have a negative effect on your website ranking and could have you thrown off major search engines.

Why SEO and not PPC?

PPC (also known as Pay Per Click) is effectively paid marketing. So when you open Google and see “sponsored” at the top of side of the searches, these customers are PAYING to be in that position. However – what they are paying for is not the position all the time – only PER CLICK. So, as an example, your budget is £100 a day for a keyword. To be in position #1 for that keyword, Google tell you that it’s £1 per click. If someone clicks on your link, you spend £1 whether they buy or just turn around and leave.

So, that’s 100 clicks a day. However, you have no guarantee that customers will buy. And once your budget is spent for the day your advert is NO LONGER SHOWN until the next days budget.

If your keywords are competitive – expect to pay more! Google Adwords and other sponsored PPC campaigns can be extremely expensive and ultimately have no great benefit to your keyword rankings in the organic side of the search.

Finally, some people actually have ad blockers which switch your advert off!

SEO is organic and natural searching – and has the long term benefit of being active even if you were to stop paying.

How long would you recommend to run a campaign for?

There is no simple answer to this. Running a minimum campaign of 6 months will have SOME effect. However, realistically, if you want to continue to improve your positioning, or at the very least maintain it after improvement, you need to continually run the campaign.
What you have to compare it to is other paid for solutions – flyers, paper adverts, PPC, Facebook advertising etc. It’s easier to pay for one day / one advert what it would cost for one month of SEO. Long term, you’ll find your SEO fees SHOULD pay for themselves many times over.

How much are we looking at?

Any SEO specialist will charge a minimum of £200 a month – probably considerably more. We understand that this is a huge commitment for any company.

That’s why we are offering an entry level SEO service for only £70 a month! There is no minimum contract, you can cancel whenever you want, but we do take quarterly payments as campaigns are renewed on a 3 month basis.

For your £70 a month you will receive the following, based on 5 keywords:

  • Initial Setup which includes a crawl of the website with an SEO spider to produce a report, highlighting where content can be improved. Southport Hosting will make these changes for you, based on the recommendations. Progress reports are created every three months.
  • Your site is submitted to all search engines globally. This is redone every three months.
  • Between 100 – 300 backlinks to your site are created every three months (please note that creating more can alert Google / major search engines to black hat strategies) – this improves your organic listing.
  • Option to signup to a unique “like to follow” campaign aimed at boosting likes and follows on Facebook & Twitter.

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